Instagram’s New Terms of Use Agreement

admin-ajaxRecently, there has been a lot of talk about Instagram’s new terms of use agreement. I myself was confused as to what the new terms were so I did a little research.

On December 17 Instagram announced that, effective Jan.16 2013, it will claim the perpetual right to sell users’ photographs without payment or notification. As you may have heard, this announcement caused a user uproar unprecedented in the companies history. According to it lost around 4 million daily users between Dec.18 and Dec. 28, 2012. Since the backlash Instagram has re-worded the language in it’s terms of use and the New Terms will be effective Jan. 19 2013.

They state that Instagram will not claim any ownership of content that users will or have posted on the service. Instead, effective Jan. 19, 2013, users will grant Instagram a non-exclusive, fully paid and royal-tee free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide license to use the content that they upload. Under these terms the user will not grant Instagram ownership of their photos, rather the rights to use and sub-license them, free of charge. Instagram will be able to license your photos to third-parties without your Knowledge. You, the user, will still own your content and the right to sell, promote and license your work, but Instagram will have those rights as well.

For an up and coming artists as myself who is trying to build a brand, that may not be such a bad deal. It’s free exposure. Instagram has already proven to be a great promotional tool by many up-start brands who have sprung from the use of the social engine. I wont be upset or offended if Instagram sells my pages likeness to Pepsi. “Drink Pepsi Like Tanner Squash”. My Instagram and WordPress pages will blow up.


Maybe one day you will see your pictures in a companies ad campaign. Other people will too! Tag Them! It would be great for me to be able to say to a potential client that my photos have been used in ad campaigns. Of course, I won’t know it until I stumble across them myself. Maybe not so positive for a mother who finds her children in an ad but positive for me. Great if the photo is tagged with my name and logo.

I don’t mind Instagram selling my mobile photos without imbursing me. I would mind them claiming ownership of them, but in the end, I didn’t upload them to sell them. I uploaded them to share them. Instagram put together a platform that inspired me to pursue photographic passions I didn’t know I held. For that, maybe they have earned a kick-back.

When I heard of this new terms of use agreement I motioned to delete my account, but after a little digging (flower pot like) I decided to keep it. Do you use Instagram? Are the terms good for You? Let me know what you think.

You can review the updated Instagram terms of use here


#The Instagram Effect

In 24 years, I have never been interested in photography. For 20 of those years I wasnt’t interested in social media.  I thought I was too cool for Facebook until I found out how cool it actually is. I didn’t know a lot about Instagram either upon it’s Android release. My friends were using it, but there not creative people like me. They’re self-portrait people… Continue reading

Less Law, More Order: The truth about Reducing Crime


A recent read I thought I’d share.

Author Irvin Waller advocates using crime prevention tactics rather than the current “tough on crime” reaction tactics used in today’s world.  In Less Law, More Order, Waller explains how the conventional approach of crime reaction is actually detrimental to society, and offers a series of policy proposals that focus on addressing the proven causes of crime.  This book lays a platform for a true and righteous law and order system that can and should be applied in the real world.

“A must read for every voter”

– John A. Calhoun founding President and CEO, National Crime Prevention Council and former U.S. Commissioner of the Administration for Children, Youth and Families

Here is a link to the books page