Still Kicking!

I haven’t posted in while. Not because I don’t love you all but because I’ve been so busy. Between illustrating a childrens book, designing characters for an online cartoon series and creating an 12x3ft hand painted banner, I haven’t had the time to post. To heavy my load, I’m now a full time graphic communications student.  Posts may not come as frequently as they have been in recent weeks, but i do plan to share all of my educational experiences and learnings through this blog.

So Nothing too heavy here, I just wanted to let folks know that tanner is still alive and still apart of the WordPress community. Here’s a couple of new photos to show that I’m still kicking!

I don’t have a srl camera but I blurred the backgrounds of these photos in Gimp to give them an srl look. I will download a screen shot application, and my next post will be a tutorial on how to achieve this slr affect in Gimp. Sound Okay? Okay. Enjoy!

hydrant roy1

Another Day


Got some the things done in the lab today. For the last month, Iv’e been recording a project for my boy Quick. It’s been a while since we’ve unpacked the equipment and opened up the basement. We used to record in Traktion by Mackie, and would still be today if a hard drive failure did not cause us to loose the unlock key. It uses a  very simple and Intuitive Interface that’s great for beginners. Anyway, I had to learn how to record in Fruity Loops.

If you want to learn a skill, but may not want or have the opportunity to continue your education, search YouTube. Originally, we wanted to have our individual audio files mastered at a professional studio, which we would have had to pay for, but, with the help of some YouTube mixing and mastering tutorials (shout out to John Miller), we feel, we have achieved a professional sound. It’s not “Clive Davis” professional but it sounds close enough, and were happy enough with it that we will produce the the entire LP ourselves.  With An AKG condenser microphone and a Mackie Satellite Fire Wire interface, we’ve always have been able to produce quality sound, but didn’t  know enough about compression and equalization to produce a professionally mastered  sound.

To all amateur musicians, photographers and artist, the internet is an endless learning tool.  A college education or internship is obviously the best way to learn the skills of a chosen profession, but many lessons are available online

Other than that it’s been a low-key day. Took a few photos and did some quick edits because practice makes perfect.