Shot: My 2012 in Pictures

Everyday Citizen

Hello friends. I came across a post today by Little Red Jenn entitled Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures. Originally, I re-blogged the post to share her photos with you, but the new post showcased my photos instead of hers. Her photos are great and you can check them out here, but she inspired me to put together a collage of my own favorites from the passing year.

I started with a selection of 80 out of around 200 photos. From there I continued to cut the list down to what I thought were the very best. That was not the easiest of tasks because as you artists know, we are attached to our work. After some deliberation the group became what you will see below. If you follow this blog your’e probably tired of seeing some of these photos and I swear I will never re-post any again, but I thought this would be an appropriate post given the time of year. These photographs aren’t mind blowing or timeless, but I am impressed with them indeed. After all, I am NOT a photographer and most of them were taken with a phone.

I hope that you who are reading can appreciate these mobile photos and are inspired to share your best shots of 2012! I would Love to see them! Please Comment if you decide to do so as to direct me to your post. Thanks for reading. Enjoy! and Happy Early New Year!

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