#The Instagram Effect

In 24 years, I have never been interested in photography. For 20 of those years I wasnt’t interested in social media.  I thought I was too cool for Facebook until I found out how cool it actually is. I didn’t know a lot about Instagram either upon it’s Android release. My friends were using it, but there not creative people like me. They’re self-portrait people…  All I could tell from their use of it is that it was good for getting girls. A dating app I thought it to be. Shout out to my friends by the way. I hardly follow any of them. Good pics in my feed. I didn’t know though, that there were millions of creative and artistic people on this earth sharing stunning images with each other from different parts of this world that were taken and edited with their phones. My mind was blown. Words can not describe the creative energies I felt flowing through my device into my arms penetrating my vanes and piercing my soul. Okay, Maybe I have embellished there a bit, but I felt the passion. I wanted to share my sights with the community as well. Naturally, as a creative and artistic person, I took a great liking to Instagram and its users. Now, I am an avid phoneographer. Too avid, some may say. No matter where I am or what’s going on, I’m looking for that shot. It’s funny because people look at me like I’m crazy when I’m standing in the middle of the street, or laying on the ground trying to take a picture with my phone. Maybe they’re right. Maybe I am crazy. Mwa ha ha ha ha ha! I will rule the world with pictures!  No,  I’m not crazy. I’m creative and instagram has opened my eyes to the world of photography. So much so that I am saving for a Cannon EOS rebel T3. Very anxious to see what it will produce. If anyone has any suggestions for a good and affordable entry level DSLR camera, a comment would be greatly appreciated. Anyways, I just wanted to share some (cough) 145 (cough) of my instagram photos with you all. Actually, this is the whole lot of em. They’re all edited in-phone with a mix of Little Photo (my hands down absolute favorite photo editor on the Android market); Aviary photo editor for saturation, sharpness, etc.; and…you guessed it!  Instagram. I have been effected. Thanks for reading and enjoy

6 thoughts on “#The Instagram Effect

  1. Hello,

    great photos. I have just started out with a DSLR i found it really complicated, as with instigram and on your ohone odnt you already have the effects ready to put on to the image?
    Anyway I am what you would call a lazy photographer haha, i love to use auto, however with getting a DSLR you have to learn to use the right settings. It is great to use it manually cos then you get to learn alot about photography etc 🙂

    Anyway i purchased a second hand nikon d40 its brill, but canon or a nikon are best 🙂 goodluck x

    • Thank you for your comment. Yes, most in-phone editing apps use pre-made,adjustable filters and effects. I have heard that Cannon cameras are the best and am halfway to my goal of obtaining one. Are you happy with your NIkon D40?

  2. Hi, Welcome to Photography! In the past 12 years I have found that there are several really nice cameras out there. In the world of digital, I regularly shoot with my Nikon D90. Nikon makes a great camera, hands down. The one drawback on Nikon is that I have to really work for color saturation. I can shoot the same image at the same settings on a Canon and get a much better saturation without losing any of the sharpness. Based on my experience, Canon is more likely to give you what you want with less fuss. I love my Nikon but I think my next Camera will be a Canon.

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